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Data Recovery Pricing List

CD/DVD, Pen Drive, Thumb drive, sD, xD, MMC, CF card, Pcmia Data Recovery (Only Deleted and Formatted): $ 150.00/standard services

CD/DVD, Pen Drive, Thumb drive, sD, xD, MMC, CF card, Pcmia Data Recovery (Cracked, Broken interface, Burnt, Broken Interface, Dead, "Unknown USB Device found Error" ): $ 350.00

Formatted/ Deleted Hard drive (for Windows): $350.00/standard services

Formatted/ Deleted Hard drive (for MAC, LINUX, UNIX): $450.00/standard services

Hard failure (Operating system Failure, Boot sector missing, Corrupted Partition, etc): $399.00/standard services

Corrupted Firmware Hard drive: $650.00/standard services

Head disk Assembly failed hard drive (Clicking, Beeping, and Squeaking): $850.00/standard services

Firmware corruption & Heads failure (combo): $1050.00/standard services

Hard drive Motor failure (Dropped/fallen hard drive, fire, water damage, etc.): $3,850.00/standard services

Raid Data Recovery price is based on the number of the drives failed in the array, can be determined after the free diagnosis

All Solid State Drives Recovery: $4,800.00/Standard Services

Broken seals, already Opened hard drives(need a prior approval for data recovery) : $6,550.00/standard services

Data Privacy

Promise data recovery takes its client's privacy seriously. Promise data recovery does not share or exchange any kind of information or data belongs to its respective clients.

All Names, Contact numbers, E-mails address, Physical addresses or any personal data will kept confidential and will not be provided to any advertisement company.

Promise data recovery does not make, keep or save any copies of a recovered case after a release.

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Promise data recovery does not repair the storage media in an evaluation process and Promise Data recovery shall not be liable for any claims regarding the physical functioning of equipment/media or the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied before, during or after service.

After a successful recovery, it is your responsibility to provide promise data recovery an extra storage media to transfer the recovered result unless the data is less than 4 Giga bytes (that case your are entitled to a free DVD or 4-Cd's).

A client can inquires about a work in progress at any time either by e-mail for by a call. In both cases keep your case number handy.

Promise data recovery accommodates special atmosphere for emergency services, however, some additional charges may apply.

After business hours a 20-minutes prior call or an appointment is required to all drop off's.
Promise data recovery will charge a storage fee for each successful and completed case in the event of unpaid charges.Promise data recovery is not responsible for any device left with us more than 30 days and we preserve the right to recycle it