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Floppy Data Recovery

Floppy data recovery services

A floppy disk is consists of a magnetic storage medium encased in a plastic shell. Floppy disks need floppy drives to operate. It is commonly noticed that over the period of time floppy disk acts nauseas. There are numerous reasons for these behaviors. Promise data recovery fixes all the floppy corruptions including accidentally formatted disks.

Recovery Supported Interface/Model

 ֍ 8-inch (IBM 23FD, Memorex 650, SSSDIBM 33FD/Shugart 901, DSSD

֍ IBM 43FD/Shugart 850, -DSDD IBM 53FD/Shugart 850)

֍ 5¼-inch (35 tracks, DD, QD, Perpendicular)

֍ 3½-inch (HP single sided, DD, HD, EB, LS-120, LS-240, HiFD)

֍ 3-inch (DD, Mitsumi Quick Disk)

֍ 2-inch