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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery

Promise data recovery specializes in recovering data from all old and new models of fujitsu hard drives. Few supported models are listed below.

Mobile Hard drives Enterprises Hard drives
֍ MHX2300BT
֍ MHW2160BJ
֍ MHW2160BH
֍ MHW2080AT
֍ MHV2200BT
֍ MHV2160BT
֍ MHV2120AT
֍ MHV2120BH
֍ MHV2120AH
֍ MHV2080AS
֍ MHV2080BS
֍ MAY2073 SAS
֍ MAX3147 SAS


Supported discontinued models
MHU2100AT,MHT2020AT, MHT2030AT, MHT2040AT ,MHT2060AT, MHT2080AT MHT2040AH, MHT2060AH, MHT2080AH,MHT2040BH, MHT2060BH, MHT2080BH, MHS2020AT, MHS2030AT, MHS2040AT, MHS2060AT, MHR2010AT, MHR2020AT,MHR2030AT, MHR2040AT, MHN2100AT, MHN2150AT, MHN2200AT, MHN2300AT, MHM2100AT, MHM2150AT, MHM2200AT, MHL2300AT, MHJ2181AT, MHK2060AT, MHK2090AT, MHK2120AT, MHG2102AT, MHH2032AT, MHH2048AT, MHH2064AT, MHF2021AT, MHF2043AT, MHE2043AT, MHE2064AT, MHD2021AT, MHD2032AT, MHC2040AT, MHA2021, MHA2032, MAU3036RC, MAU3073RC, MAU3147RC, MAU3036NC, MAU3036NP, MAU3036FC, MAU3073NC, MAU3073NP, MAU3073FC, MAU3147NC, MAU3147NP, MAU3147FC, MAT3073NC, MAT3073NP, MAT3073FC, MAT3147NC, MAT3147NP, MAT3147FC, MAT3300NC, MAT3300NP, MAT3300FC, MAV2036RC, MAV2073RC, MAS3735FC, MAS3735NC, MAS3735NP, MAS3367FC, MAS3367NC, MAS3367NP, MAS3184NC, MAS3184NP, MAP3147FC, MAP3147NC, MAP3147NP, MAP3735FC, MAP3735NC, MAP3735NP, MAP3367FC, MAP3367NC, MAP3367NP, MAN3735FC, MAN3367F, MAN3735MP, MAN3367MP, MAN3184MP, MAN3735MC, MAN3367MC, MAN3184MC, MAJ3182, MAJ3091, MAH3182MAH309, MAF3364, MAG3182, MAG3091, MAE3182, MAE3091, MAC3045, MAC3091, MAB3045, MAB3091, MAA3182.