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Password Recovery

Data Recovery Password

Promise data recovery engineers can securely restore your password from different kind of applications without damaging the actual data.


֍ MS Outlook Password Recovery from PST

֍ Outlook Express Password Recovery from MBX and DBX

֍ Access Password Recovery from MDB

֍ SQL Server Password Recovery from MDF

֍ VBA Password Recovery from VBA project files

֍ Password recovery from Microsoft Office, Lotus, Adobe Acrobat and many more

BIOS Password Recovery

We can also recover any BIOS lost password for American Mega trends, Award, Inc, Phoenix Technologies, Inc, motherboard / server boards

 Hard Drive Password Recovery

Hard drive are often protected with an ATA password. This password is total different then motherboard BIOS or Operating system password. In a lost situation promise data recovery can break any hard drive password without affecting the original data over the drive.

Supported makes: IBM, Seagate, Maxtor, Western digital, Samsung, Fujitsu, Quantum, and Toshiba